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Rough sketch to lineart to final art

See my adventures at taafi last month in this super adorable and cute video!

Wanted to ever see what I looked like in real life? Check out this video about where I’ll be at TAAFI!

Be sure to visit my table at taafi this weekend to check out the first 3 pages of my newest comic costumeshopcomic for FREE! It actually comes online starting in July 2014 
One of the special TAAFI prints that I’ll be selling at Taafi 2014 this year! Come by and say hi, and pick up a print!
Guy Cosplay - from Dreamworks The Croods
This was my first cosplay made entirely from scratch, and I’m really proud of how it came out in comparison to the character. I worked on crafting, furry paws, sculpting, hair styling, and sewing. First seen here at Anime North 2014.

Some examples of the graphic designs and artwork you can get on my Redbubble portfolio. All this artwork can be bought as various merch including stickers, t-shirts, prints and even phone cases.

Check it out here:

Starting in July, I’m going to be releasing weekly a new comic called The Costume Shop, leading all the way up to Halloween of October 2014.
Stay updated on tapastic, tumblr, facebook and @TylerMannArt
Look for your lovable DrawnOut kid at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival 2014! I’ll be exhibiting at the TAAFI Maarket (yes that’s spelled correct) featuring my comics DrawnOut, Scribbles, and my new comic The Costume Shop!
It’s June 14-15, 2014 at the George Brown Waterfront, and it’s FREE to attend, so come say hi! More details to be announced later!
A dose of my persona for you guys to take a look at!