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Some examples of the graphic designs and artwork you can get on my Redbubble portfolio. All this artwork can be bought as various merch including stickers, t-shirts, prints and even phone cases.

Check it out here:

Starting in July, I’m going to be releasing weekly a new comic called The Costume Shop, leading all the way up to Halloween of October 2014.
Stay updated on tapastic, tumblr, facebook and @TylerMannArt
Look for your lovable DrawnOut kid at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival 2014! I’ll be exhibiting at the TAAFI Maarket (yes that’s spelled correct) featuring my comics DrawnOut, Scribbles, and my new comic The Costume Shop!
It’s June 14-15, 2014 at the George Brown Waterfront, and it’s FREE to attend, so come say hi! More details to be announced later!
A dose of my persona for you guys to take a look at!

Art Is ONLY About Experience (This IS Sarcasm Read The Post)

I am an artist. As a matter of fact, I am an Illustrator. An Illustrator uses a single piece to tell a story. Any artist can paint a landscape, but an Illustrator can bring it to life and tell the story of it’s location, history and more. It’s been a year since I’ve been out of college, and I’ve grown a lot as an artist.

Recently, I applied to get a table at an art festival, and was denied. I had done everything they wanted, had a book of my comics, kept a consistent website, and branded myself well.

Why didn’t I get in? Turns out I don’t have enough experience. It’s not cause I’m a bad artist, it’s cause I’m not in my 30s, even though this festival supports new and emerging talent. Then again, that talent had to be trying really hard the past couple years.

Also, I was told that I was an Illustrator, not a comic artist. Turns out that even though I learned from a teacher who worked on the Spawn comics and MAD magazine, and studied personally with him for a year developing my comic DrawnOut and leaning storyboarding, that I’m not really a comic artist, I’m an Illustrator, and Illustrators can’t tell stories through a sequence of panels.

So let’s see, I can work hard, be the best comic artist I can be, and I won’t get in next year, cause I’m still just this fresh faced stupid 22 year old right out of high school, who has two webcomics, is illustrating a kids book (which is a story told through a sequence of panels) and has work for podcasts, rap artists and commissioners online. I am merely an Illustrator.

Or am I wrong about this?

Kid Gohan as requested by a viewer of my Livestream. I only went off of one reference photo, so critique me as much as you’d like.
Tyler is an evil little bastard, so watch out artists everywhere, he’s taking over.
I tried a different type of coloring lineart and colors, and it was so hard. I hope people think it looks good.
Anyways, I wanted to caricature Neil as Barney from How I Met Your Mother/ I think I captured him well. What do you think?
A humanized version of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit.I… didn’t realize how shirtless he’d be. I still like it.
Promo artwork I did for DrawnOut when I was taking a break from the comic. Artwork and 3-d background both illustrated and designed by me.